Our History - Schullin Wien

The story of Rolex and Schullin Wien

The Schullin family maintains the longest Rolex partnership existing in Austria: Already in 1956, the eponymous company founder Johann Schullin Senior initiated the cooperation. Hence, Schullin became an official Rolex concessionaire. Ever since, a successful and personal partnership is being carried forward and intensified. Internationally as well as nationally, Rolex works together with testimonials from the worlds of arts, science and sports. However, it is the support of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra that incorporates Rolex into Viennese culture and relates it with the city's cultural quintessence.

The Schullin watch store’s location in the historical Looshaus plays a particular role in the symbiosis of Rolex and Viennese identity. As the first building of its time without a stucco façade, the Looshaus signifies the renunciation from architectural historicism and the turn towards Viennese modernism.

Until today, the Looshaus retains its symbolic significance as a reference towards the future, also a the location of the Schullin Rolex store. Like this, Rolex forms a link between Viennese tradition and its continuance, between the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as a fixed component of the city’s spirit and the Looshaus as a symbol of its vividness.