About Schullin Wien
From the rough stone to the finished piece of jewellery - everything from a single source. Discover the designs from Schullin, designed and manufactured in the Viennese studio.

About us

Schullin Wien GmbH is a jewellery company based on Kohlmarkt in the heart of Vienna and is currently run by the third generation. Unique pieces of jewellery are designed and manufactured in the in-house design studio and atelier - from first drafts to the development of digital 3D models all the way to the production of the final piece of jewellery.

The gemstones themselves often serve as inspiration for the artistic designs, which later become the centrepiece of the jewellery pieces. The gemstones used are often personally sought out and purchased by management in Asia and Africa, in order to be able to guarantee their quality and origin. Years of perfected expertise shape each piece of jewellery from Schullin Vienna into an incomparable work of art.

In addition, the Schullin family maintains Austria's longest-standing Rolex partnership: as early as 1956. The cooperation was initiated by the original company founder Johann Schullin Senior, making Schullin the official concessionaire. Since then, the successful and also personal connection to Rolex has continued and intensified.
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