Our Rolex Showroom - Schullin Wien

The Schullin Rolex store

Our Rolex Showroom

Schullin is an official Rolex concessionaire since the year of 1956. Ever since, the Schullin family maintains the longest existing Rolex partnership in Austria. In 1974, the company began to carry the cooperation forward at its Viennese location. The Schullin Rolex store is located in the historical Looshaus since 1991. At the beginning of its construction phase in 1910, the draft by architect Adolf Loos caused a scandal: Being atypical for its time, the building’s ornamentless façade lead to strong protests. Today, the Looshaus is regarded as a symbol for the beginning of Viennese modernism and the renunciation from architectural historicism.

The original interior design concept by Paolo Piva underwent a renewal in the year of 2018. Architect Peter Plattner crowned his design of the store’s interior with several references to Adolf Loos’ stylistic idiom. Thus, Plattner accomplished to interweave the Rolex identity with the strong character of the building.

While referencing Adolf Loos’ architecture, Plattner realized his very own vision of the store’s new interior design through the sophisticated use of nut wood and brass. Additionally, backlit glass and silk planes were incorporated into the interior concept. “As a company, Schullin aspires to create architecturally engaging environments. In cooperation with Rolex, this purpose has been fulfilled successfully”, says Herbert Schullin.