The Cuff

Reference 1-610-2
18-karat rose gold | Diamonds
incl VAT
Minimalism meets artisanship. The aptly named “the cuff” is a perfectly and tightly fitting bracelet, for everyone. This feat is owed to a hidden mechanism that, by splitting and reconnecting the bracelet with hidden springs, creates a moving piece of jewelry that always returns to its original shape. The hexagonal settings of diamonds have a metaphorical meaning as the hexagon is the strongest shape found in nature, similarly, diamond is known for being the hardest material. Each setting holds a diamond with six ultrafine prongs, which appear to be almost invisible.
Please let our team know the circumference of your wrist and we will resize your bracelet accordingly or create a new one, depending on the complexity of the resizing.
This product can be shipped by 19.4.2024. You may return or exchange it within 30 days.
If a resizing is needed, the exact delivery date will be coordinated with you by our staff members.
For more information, please visit our FAQ's.
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