Magazine June 5, 2020

Custom-made jewelry by Schullin Wien

While today, a high degree of specialization is prevalent in jewelry manufacturing and most jewelers do not have an own production anymore, Schullin follows its own path.

At Schullin Wien, jewelry manufacturing is directly linked with sales, enabling immediate contact between customer, design and goldsmiths. Often, the in-house designed and crafted pieces are bespoke jewelry, made to match customers’ wishes.


Special manufacture of jewelry – the procedure

Initially, customers may find inspiration in the present jewelry collection or present their own ideas. First design sketches will then be drafted by hand, followed by an exact virtual visualization.

During this process, the design based on the customer’s wishes and expectations is constructed three-dimensionally and thereby made visible from all sides. Like this, the design can be assessed well – similar to a first fitting at the tailor. If the design is approved by the customer, a wax model is crafted as a last step before the actual manufacturing of the piece. For purposes of demonstration, this model will be painted in the respective gold color. Especially the models for rings can then be tried on to ensure the right fit.

This multi-step process can easily be conducted within one week and gives those interested in a bespoke piece of jewelry the secureness of getting the exact realization of their design. Unpleasant surprises are almost impossible.


The atelier

Three full-time designers with diplomas from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna work on the yearly jewelry collection as well as bespoke pieces. Besides several freelancers, five goldsmiths realize the designs on-site. Additionally, one external and one in-house gem-cutter work on giving rough stones their polish.

Almost all sales staff are creatively active and have absolved gold work specialist training.

Members of the Schullin family are trained and operating in all areas of the company.

Zu Besuch im Wiener Atelier

The designs

More than a hundred designs per year come into being at the Viennese atelier – excluding a triple of this number of designs that are not (yet) realized. The existing jewelry collection is continuously expanded, establishing and strengthening the unique Schullin stylistic idiom.

Over the last decades, a significant array of in-house designs and models has emerged, serving as the basis and starting point for new ideas: A precious treasure, which remains well-protected.



Passion for gemstones

For decades, the passion for precious stones has shaped the development of the company and been conveyed from the senior to the junior managing director. Following long-standing collaboration, a trust-based worldwide network of miners, gem cutters and stone traders from all corners of the gemstone world has formed.

The procurement of precious and rare gemstones is strictly structured. Due to the direct, personal channels and the omitting of intermediaries, favorable prices can be achieved. To make this possible, both senior and junior manager regularly travel to Asia, Africa and South America themselves.

Passion für Edelsteine



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