Paperclip II rose

Reference 1-519-1
18-karat rose gold
The Paperclip II rose bangle reinterprets a mundane everyday object and turns it into a desirable piece of jewelry. This was achieved by carefully bending and shaping hand drawn 18k rose gold wire. By installing an inconspicuous hinge in the lower section, the bangle can be easily put on and taken off without straining the finely crafted material. Surprise and stand out with the Paper Clip Bangle. Style your Paperclip II bracelet with the matching Paperclip I rose ring or discover the other Paperclip ring variations.
Please let our team know the circumference of your wrist and we will resize your bracelet accordingly or create a new one, depending on the complexity of the resizing.

Depending on the complexity and stones availability, we may be able to re-create a similar or identical design. This can take between 2 weeks to 6 months. For more information, please contact

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