18k White Gold Bracelets Diamond - Martelé 1.00 Blanc - Schullin Wien

Martelé 1.00 Blanc

Reference 1-380-2
18-karat white gold | Diamond
The Martelé 1.00 Blanc bracelet features a rugged look earned by its meticulously hammered surface. The smoothly polished interior as well as the stunning 1ct Princess cut diamond contrasts this visual language. The resulting design is truly timeless as well as unisex, which was achieved by showcasing craftsmanship and material qualities rather than following a design aesthetic. The only thing leaving a bigger impression is the weight of the bangle, giving it a qualitative and truly indestructible feel, which is owed to its massive structure wrought in gold.
Please let our team know the circumference of your wrist and we will resize your bracelet accordingly or create a new one. This may take up to 8 weeks. Please visit our FAQ's to find out more about custom-made designs.
Soon, you’ll be able to purchase certain products through our website. For now, items can be shopped at our store on Kohlmarkt 7. If you are interested in having a piece shipped to you, please contact Sales at shop@schullin.com