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Reference 4-1854-1
18-karat rose gold | Pink tourmaline
The heartpiece of the "Taupe" ring is a distinguished 30 carat pink Tourmaline, also known as Rubellite. This name is derived from latin and means red; it is given to the pink and red varieties of Tourmaline. These stone can be found, amongst other places, in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. This stone has historically had great importance in Chinese culture, dating all the back to the Tang Dynasty.
Ring sizes refer to the inner circumference in millimeters. Our rings are readily available in sizes 50-56. Other sizes need to be custom-made. Please visit our FAQ´s to find out more about custom-made designs.
Soon, you’ll be able to purchase certain products through our website. For now, items can be shopped at our store on Kohlmarkt 7. If you are interested in having a piece shipped to you, please contact Sales at shop@schullin.com